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Since our company was founded, we have worked to develop products that are essential to the social infrastructure. With that technology, we have worked on a wide range of products including high-performance sealing parts, and our technology now thrives on land, in air, and in space.
Innovating society with our sealing technology.

The Sealing Business

We offer sealing technology solutions, not just products.
We sincerely listen to our customers' concerns on factors such as radical resistance, low particle, low swelling, high temperatures, and low temperatures.
To resolve these concerns, we put the technology we have developed over 50 years into making a single seal.

Design Technology

Creative and flexible design technology that precisely meets the varied requirements of our customers

Compounding Technology

Technological capabilities nurtured over many years for compounding rubber and resin materials to support a wide range of applications

Total Support

Development, design, and production capabilities for a wide variety of seal materials such as rubber, resin, and metal, as well as composite seals that combine these materials

Production Technology and Automation

We have built a production system that is capable of handling not only mass-produced products but also high-mix low-volume manufacturing. Additionally, we have completely automated our process from molding and processing to inspection and packaging

Research and Development

Constructing a system with integrated support from material development to trial production