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Electromagnetic Wave Absorber

Wave Absorber for ETC®

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It can be used for improvement in directivity of dish antenna and provisional shielding tent. In addition, it can be used for versatile application from microwave to millimeter wave as the outdoor absorber especially exposed to moisture and water, utilizing the splendid weather resistance of the material.


DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) as represented by ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system is an important elemental technology of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and it is used as an interactive mobile communication at short range and in a small zone enabling to match the multi-applications.
Mitsubishi Cable Industries’ electromagnetic wave absorber for DSRC/ETC is designed remarkably to increase the absorption capacity especially at the high incident angle, and it plays important role to ensure the system reliability by adjusting the electromagnetic wave environment of DSRC/ETC system in which electromagnetic waves are used.
As for Mitsubishi Cable Industries’ electromagnetic wave absorber for DSRC/ETC, besides four kinds of standard products, an individual designed product to meet the customers’ purpose of use is also available. Type Standard size Estimated weight Reflection loss(dB) (Note 1) (Oblique Incident Angle)
Panel Type Direct Attachment Type Sheet Type Non-Flammable Type
(Note 1) 5.8 GHz circle-polarization; The values specified in this catalog are only for reference and do not provide any guarantees.

Example of use

  • for Gantry
  • for Entrance No.1 antenna
  • for Canopy
  • for Electromagnetic wave absorption panel
  • for Entrance No.2 antenna

*ETC is a registered trademark of Organization for Road System Enhancement (ORSE)

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