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Electromagnetic Wave Absorber

Ultra Broadband Wave Absorber for "TM Series"

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C Series used in combination with the ferrite tile provide a shielding tent in a short period of work and at low initial and running costs as the absorber for the shielding tent in the ultra-wideband from 30MHz to 40GHz.


Ultra-broadband Characteristics

TM absorber provides 2 types of S Series to be singularly used and C Series to be combined with ferrite tile absorber. It can meet requirement for the ultra-wideband shielding tent of 30 MHz~100 GHz not only for the antenna pattern measurement but also for the EMI/EMS measurement.

Stable Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Capacity

TM absorber consists of an integral molding of special foamed beads with a uniform conductive coating on surface, and it can maintain the stable electromagnetic wave absorption capacity for a long period without change of shape caused by moisture absorption and to prevent performance degradation.

Short Period of Construction

It can be easily installed on the wall and ceiling of shielding tent due to its light foamed molding, enabling the construction at short period.

Low Initial Cost

Without performance deterioration caused by moisture, it does not require special air-conditioning equipment especially to maintain low moisture. It makes possible the low initial cost.

Flame Retardant

By adopting the special foamed beads passing the flame retardant test of UL94HF-1, it is free from the possibility of fire breaking, fire spread, and the like.
TM absorber (Ferrite tile absorber) Metal reflecting plate

Example of use

Shielding Tent

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