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Metal Seals (SUNLIMES®)

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In environments such as high temperature, ultrahigh vacuum, etc. where rubber or resin seals can not withstand, metallic seals such as metallic o-rings are more suitable. However, replacement from rubber or resin seal to metallic seal is not easy, since metallic seals have large clamping force and small resillience force. SUNLIMES® solves these concerns with functions such as smaller clamping force and larger resillience force.


  • Used at Aerospace, semiconductor, nuclear power, and automotive industries
  • Steady sealing performance under ultrahigh vacuum (1.3×10-10Pa) and ultrahigh pressure (300MPa)
  • Applicable under more severe ultrahigh vacuum and cryogenic temperature
  • Possible to utilize with racetrack and rectangular flanges


Valves and pipings of rocket fuel, Semiconductor devices (CVD, Vacuum deposition, etc.), Gas analyzers, Flow meters, Circulation pumps which cool nuclear reactors, Quartz flanges, Direct-injection gasoline engines

* SUNLIMES is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd in Japan.

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