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Metal O-rings

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Metal O-rings perform high level sealing characteristics under severe conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, etc. Our metal O-rings maintains high sealing seal characteristics under more severe ultrahigh vacuum and cryogenic temperature. From industries such as H-II A rocket and atomic energy related and semiconductor, we have got favorable reputations.


  • Usable under -270 ℃ to +700 ℃
  • Steady sealing performance under ultrahigh vacuum (1.3×10-10Pa) and ultra high pressure: 300MPa (approx. 3000kgf/cm2)
  • Compact designing can be applied as smaller sealing area achieved
  • Lowering clamping force on flanges compared to other metallic gaskets


Vacuum machinery, Vacuum apparatus, Vacuum valves, Mass flow controllers, Various flanges, CVD devices, Thermal diffusion furnace devices, Quartz flanges, Rocket engines, Withstand pressure departments of nuclear reactor pressure vessels, Turbochargers, Injector for vehicle engines

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