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Precision Rubber-molded Products

We have also supplied various purpose precision rubber-molded products for as well as sealing products.
By applying our material techniques, designing techniques and manufacturing techniques, we have received high praise for our customized high quality products while standardized products cannot have got full marks against customers' requirements. For various applications, we supply precision rubber-molded products followed our total rubber molding techniques based on material techniques, designing techniques, manufacturing techniques


  • Offering excel sealing proposals with our designing and material selection corresponding to customer's each application
  • Plentiful track record in our geometry designing with combination of our own designing possibility and FEM or finite element method analysis
  • Highly accurate mold processing technique
  • Actual-equipment functional-evaluation available, e.g., valve testing etc.


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD manufacturing equipment, LCD conveyance, Filling machine valve, Container lid, Diaphragm

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