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Cap O-rings

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Cap O-ring is a seal; a crescent shaped SUNFLON® ring is molded on the inner periphery of rubber O-ring integrally, and have both of low frictional properties of SUNFLON® and elasticity of rubber.

Cap O-rings


  • Can be freed from stick-slip due to low frictional resistance, as is the case in using Capseal for rotating.
  • Applicable to non-separated groove, as is the case in using O-ring
  • The value of frictional resistance after long nonoperational time hardly be increased.
  • Can elongate service time of seal
  • Available for higher speed condition, compared with Capseal
  • Applicable to the groove of JISB2406 standard O-ring
  • Available for high pressure (~9.8MPa) condition with retainer ring

Example of use

For hydraulic equipment (Cylinder, Actuator, Valve etc.), rotating shaft, oscillating shaft

* SUNFLON is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd in Japan.

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