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Seal ring for AT/CVT

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Feature of seal ring

Seal rings in motions of rotating and reciprocating are used in oil pumps of AT etc.
Longer service life and better sealing performance achieved under high pressure and high speed compared to conventional items. We are capable to propose specifications according to individual using conditions with material selection from PTFE, Vespel® and thermoplastic Vespel®.

Feature of Vespel® seal ring

So that Vespel® excels in machine characteristic, small cross-sectional seal rings can be supplied with it.

  • Lowering approximately 30% of friction loss against groove
  • Realizing approximately 20% minimization of cross-section
  • Improving fuel consumption by lowered friction loss torque
  • Widening degree of freedom in designing for multi staging AT
  • Simple and revolutionary micro-cut makes keeping circularity, stability of performance and mass production efficiency


Input shaft, reverse clutch and CVT pulley of AT/CVT transmission

* Vespel is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

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