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It is a rotary shaft seal with significantly improved durability realized by a new designing concept.
We have wide variety of selection in shapes and materials for types of application.
Also we are capable to propose specific designing/manufacturing according to individual using conditions.


  • Can be used at -60 to +200 ℃ (-76 to +392 ℉)
  • Can be used at up to 55m/s circumferential speed
  • Excel durability under pressure
  • Workable as air pressure seals with no feeding of lubrication and sealable for lubricative fluid
  • Hydrodynamic grooves make better sealing performance, high-speed performance, eccentricity following capability.
  • Excel in dust-resistant performance compared to rubber-made oil seals


  • Shaft seal for compressor
  • Crankshaft seal
  • Shaft seal for pump
  • Shaft seal for gearbox

* SUNFLON is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd in Japan.

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