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Diaguide® Large Core Optical Fiber

Large Core Optical Fiber

Large core multimode optical fiber with core diameters from 10 ~ 2000Ám provide ease of alignment and enable light/laser transmission with high power efficiency.


• A wide variety of silica core and silica clad optical fibers to cover a broad spectrum of wavelength ranges from deep ultraviolet (DUV) to near infrared light (NIR).
• Suitable for high power laser delivery.
• Many available jacketing material options (e.g., Nylon resin, Acrylic resin, Fluororesin, metal etc.) suitable for application requirements.
• Special fiber available for deep ultraviolet light transmission.
• For more information on fiber for Medical Applications, please click here.
• In addition to standard round core fiber, square and polygonal core fibers are also available.

Available Fiber Types

Mitsubishi Cable Industries offers suitable fibers for use with light source wavelengths from deep ultraviolet (DUV) to near infrared (NIR).

Information in the above table is for guideline purposes only. Mitsubishi Cable Industries will recommend suitable fiber types based on your requirements (application, used fiber length etc.).

Attenuation (Typical Values)

The actual attenuation will depend on the fiber construction. For more details, please contact us.

Application Examples

Fibers for Laser Delivery (Laserguide®)
Bundle Fiber / Light Guide Fiber

* LASERGUIDE is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.

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