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Optical Thin Film Technology

Mitsubishi Cable Industries can apply superior high-power laser tolerant Anti-reflection (AR) film or high-reflection (HR) film coatings on the face of various fibers.

AR film suppresses Fresnel reflection at the end surface of optical fibers, enabling highly efficient light/laser transmission. The suppression of reflected light from the end faces of fibers helps prevent damage to the laser system from back reflected laser light.
HR coating films on the output surface of fiber laser fibers enhances the amplifying characteristics of the fiber laser.


• Thin film coatings for high power laser cables are available.
• Thin films can be coated not only on LASERGUIDE®) (Laser Delivery fiber), but also on DIAGUIDE®) single core and bundled fiber cables.

Our thin film coatings are produced in house, with custom made thin film coatings matching your wavelength and application needs. (For more details, please contact us using the web-inquiry form below.)

Application Examples:

Laser transmission, light transmission from various light sources, fiber lasers.

Typical Features: - customized films are also available -

AR film for Wavelength 1060nm (YAG Laser)

AR film for wavelength 400~700nm (VIS range)

AR film for wavelength 405nm (Blue Laser Diode)

HR film (Typical)

Product Examples:

Fibers for Laser Delivery (Laserguide®)
Bundle Fiber / Light Guide Fiber

For more details, please inquire with web-inquiry form below.

* LASERGUIDE is a registered trade mark of Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.
* DIAGUIDE is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. in U.S.

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