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Handling of Personal Information

We recognize the importance of personal information, and declare that the following measures will be taken.

We will strictly follow all laws and standards regarding personal information, and establish internal company regulations for handling personal information which all staff (including management, permanent employees, part-time workers, and temporary employees) and relevant parties will be thoroughly informed of, with these regulations implemented, maintained and continually improved.

When we collect personal information, the intended usage of this information will be announced or individually informed, before personal information necessary for the intended use is collected.

In each section that handles personal information, a personal information administrator will be placed, who will keep personal information up to date and accurate, as well as take measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss of, destruction of, tampering with or leaking of personal information.

We will use your personal information for the use that was announced or that you were informed of at the time it was collected, and store it properly. Except in the following cases, your personal information will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without your consent.

  • We have your consent
  • We contract a third party to perform work that involves handling personal information.
  • When providing the necessary information to financial institutions for processing payments or similar reasons.
  • In special circumstances as required by law.

In cases where we use personal information together with a third party or entrust a third party contracted to do work with personal information, necessary contracts will be sign and other legal measures taken after an investigation of the relevant third parties.

We confirm that you have the right to display, correct, cease the use of and delete your own personal information, and when you make these requests regarding your own personal information we will quickly respond with no argument, as long as no special legal circumstances exist.

We carefully manage personal information entrusted to us by third parties, and use it within the boundaries of our contract with the third party.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

CustomersEpersonal information shall be used in providing the Company’s products and services as well as related information (e.g. catalogues, technical data, information about exhibitions, and direct mail), making a request to answer a questionnaire about improvements to products or services or about other matters, conducting invoicing related affairs, and collecting various statistics. In addition, such personal information shall be used for purposes which any department of the Company notifies or announces to customers when the department separately announces any limited purpose of use.