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Copyright and Notices

This section applies to the website managed and operated by Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. (referred to as 'this website' below). Notices which customers should be aware of when using this website will be listed.

Copyright and Trademark

Usage without permission of the articles, pictures, diagrams and other items on this website is forbidden. Except individual cases where explicit permission is given, once this information has been publicly released and made available for use on the web, we will protect it as copyrighted.

Possibility of Changing Information Provided

We provide all information on this website as is, and can provide no guarantee regarding its consistency, timely updates, or corrections. We are also not responsible for any damages that may be incurred by customers from accessing this website or using information available on it.

Warnings Concerning Links

Websites of third parties which are linked from this website or provide links to this website are all independently maintained and operated, and are not under our control. We accept no responsibility for any damages that users may incur from linked websites. When linking to this website, whether as a company or an individual, as long as the following terms are agreed to then it is not necessary to send a link request beforehand.

  • We will accept no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to linking to this website.
  • The information and URLs providing on this website are not guaranteed to be permanent, and may change at any time without warning.
  • We refuse any links from websites that may cause a loss of public confidence or economic losses for our company. We also refuse any links from websites that may be illegal or contrary to public morals.

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